Fibreglass Swimming Pool Benefits

Fibreglass swimming pools installed correctly are more durable than other types of pools, look great and are often less expensive.

  1. Quick installation - fibreglass pools can be installed very quickly.
  2. Variety of styles - fibreglass pools come in a variety of shapes and colours.
  3. Easy maintenance - fibreglass pools are less expensive to maintain.
  4. No expensive repairs - fibreglass pools don't need re-plastering or re-lining like concrete or vinal.
  5. No cracking - fibreglass pools are flexible and able with withstand ground movement.
  6. Efficient pool chemistry - fibreglass pools finishes don't influence water chemistry.
  7. Higher resistance - fibreglass pools are resistant to algae, chemicals and UV rays.
  8. Longer life - fibreglass pools can last for decades.
  9. Greater durability - the strength of fibreglass is superior to other materials.
  10. Available in kits - fibreglass pools are available as kits suitable for DIYs.