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exists to provide consumer information and awareness on fibreglass swimming pools. If you have never purchased a fibreglass swimming pool, or any swimming pool for that matter, then buying one can feel quite overwhelming.

Quality Fibreglass Pools exists to educate and provide you - the consumer - with information appropriate to selecting the right swimming pool design, and proper expectations on fibreglass pool prices.

You will find neutral information, consumer awareness reports, and then only if you desire, hook you up with fibreglass pool suppliers we believe to be safe.

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14 Hidden Costs
Pool Contractors
Don't Want You To Know

These are just a few questions answered in our consumer awareness report, including steps you can follow to protect yourself from hidden pool costs.

The following is a taste of hidden costs that get revealed in our report:

  1. Digging and hauling - you receive a quote for a 8x4m pool which involves digging and hauling 57.6m3 of dirt at $75/m3. What they "forgot" to mention is that soft mud-rock like shale counts as rock. You end up paying $180/m3 to dig and haul rock, and a final bill of $8,120 instead of the quoted $4,320.
  2. Retaining walls - Let's say your builder inspects your yard and notices that a 2-metre high wall is necessary. If you're told, he might say, "it'll only cost about $50 per metre." You do some math and estimate about $750. What is left out however, is that the actual cost is $250/m2, and that's just for treated hardwood with a life of only 7+ years. A more permanent wall actually costs about $500m2 leaving you with a total hidden cost of $15,000.

The report also contains 4 steps you can follow to minimise cost blowouts including:

The Internet is littered with stories of pool owners burnt by their pool installation. Don't get burnt! Simply enter your details on the right to receive your free 14 hidden costs report.

You might already be knowledgable, but why not strengthen your knowledge? All it takes is one bit of information being hidden to set you back $15,000!

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